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Sponsor Highlights from the 2010 Mexican National Team US Tour

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I produced this video for the 2010 Federacion Mexicana de Futbol Sponsor Summit.  It highlights the ways in which our sponsors leveraged the FMF’s marks, used their on-site activation rights and access to player endorsements throughout the Mexican National Team’s (MNT) 2010 US Tour. 

A couple of highlights from the video:

  •  Andres Guardado answers questions from fans on Facebook as part of Degree Men’s  “Siempre Enfrenta El Reto” campaign (shout out to the GroupM team)
  • Israel Castro is interviewed as part of AT&T’s “Mision Sudafrica” online video series (shout out to The Marketing Arm and the AT&T team)
  • “The Matador” Luis Hernandez participates in a community build project for The Home Depot (props to the Octagon team in Atlanta)
  • The “Futbol Fiesta” section… the name says enough

Our partners did a great job of using the Mexican National Team to drive their business interest in 2010.  In 2011, it will be all about extending the length of conversation with the consumer.  The CONCACAF Gold Cup and compelling matchups for the MNT’s 2011 US Tour (???) will ensure there is sufficient interest in the team in a non World Cup year. 

To expand their sponsorship beyond several one-off events, sponsors should look do the following:

  • establish a strong presence on Univision during its MNT broadcasts and shoulder programming 
  • create compelling original content to be shared on social networks focusing on the MNT
  • work with local distributors to establish a strong presence at retail in the weeks and months leading up to the matches (player appearances and sweepstakes)

I hope you enjoy the video, and would love to hear your feedback.

Special thanks Ixzchel Salgado whose keen eye was extremely valuable in the making of this video, and Carlos Rodriguez, the magician who edited this video.

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