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“All-New Rapids Reward” Program from Southwest for Golf Fans

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Southwest, the airline for golfers?  After the first round of the British Open, you won’t think twice about this.

Southwest established roadblocks in the Golf Sections of and during the first round of the 2011 British Open, and has a strong media presence on  Southwest banners for their 2011 British Open campaign feature picturesque beaches – not exactly associated with the British countryside – and promote the “All-New Rapid Rewards” program which offers new users 250 Bonus Points when they sign up today.  Southwest’s decision to highlight its “All-New Rapid Rewards” program leads me to believe that the brand is trying to reinvent its image with golf fans, who may still view the brand as an economy airline. The enticement of 250 Bonus Points suggests that Southwest’s main objective for its 2011 British Open campaign is an increase in enrollment for its “All-New Rapid Rewards” program.

The What

Southwest’s roadblock on included: Page Reskin, Pencil Unit and 300×250

Southwest’s roadblock on included: Presented by logo and fixed 300×250






Southwest’s rotational media on included: 728×90 and 300×250 units

The Why 

Southwest’s 2011 British Open campaign is interesting in that the call to action did not attempt to drive sales by featuring Southwest’s low fares or policy of not charging baggage fees, but rather it was about establishing a dialogue with a potential customer.  The user was asked to share their contact information and travel preferences when they enrolled in the “All-New Rapid Rewards” program.  Users were given the opportunity to subscribe to four email newsletters associated with the “All-New Rapid Rewards” program: Rapid Rewards – The Report, Rapid Rewards Email Update, Click ‘N Save and In a Nutshell.

These newsletters will extend Southwest’s communication with its target audience.  Any sales which result from the email blasts to the new registrants will provide a direct ROI for the 2011 British Open campaign, providing Southwest with a tangible evaluation for its campaign.

Key Takeaways

Southwest is promoting its “All-New Rapids Reward” program to golf fans by establishing roadblocks in the Golf sections of and during the first round of the British Open.  The campaign’s objective is increasing the number of participants in the “All-New Rapid Rewards” program, which the company believes will translate into direct sales.  The promotion of a rewards program is a diversion from Southwest’s traditional sports marketing campaigns which highlight the company’s policy of not charging baggage fees and low fares.  This may be the company’s attempt to change its image with a particular type of consumer that still view the airline as an economy airline.

Southwest will establish meaningful relationships with a coveted audience through its 2011 British Open campaign and should be recognized for its targeted and aggressive media spend.


Written by Peter Amador

July 15, 2011 at 12:46 AM

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