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To Life, Love and Loot: A Captain’s Orders

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Captain Morgan’s To Life, Love and Loot campaign is a “witty narrative about a great leader who fearlessly protected his crew and had the ability to gracefully navigate whatever life threw his way.”  Captain Morgan demonstrates an unflinching poise in the face of adversity and a self-assured bravado.  Not coincidentally, these are the qualities which we look for in our quarterbacks, point guards and starting pitchers.

The What

Homepage Takeover of on August 8th.  Elements included:

  • Page Reskin
  • Pushdown Unit (with video player)
  • Fixed Above-The-Fold rectangle

The units clicked through to Captain Morgan’s, YouTube page which featured all three videos in the To Life, Love and Loot campaign.  Captain Morgan’s, YouTube featured a page skin and a fixed 300×250.  The 300×250 linked to Captain Morgan’s, Facebook tab “Rumpedia“.  All of these elements served to increase the user interaction with the brand.

 The Why

The video player in the pushdown unit allowed Captain Morgan to tease its third and final video in the To Life, Love and Loot campaign. The 15 second clip showed the Captain Morgan character upsetting a maternal guest at an elite dinner party.  However, if viewers clicked on the video, they would see that the Captain Morgan character uniting the guests in a rebellion against their stodgy, traditional ways, and creating a spontaneous moment of exhilaration.  The underlying theme of the spot was that the charismatic leader is able to cause change without saying a word.  Again, a quality that we look for in our sports heroes.

We want our sports heroes to perform at a world class level, but more importantly, we want them to lift their teams to the pinnacle of their sport.  That is why Vince Cater is viewed differently than Dirk.  That is why the Captain Morgan character is different than the Most Interesting Man in the World,  and why To Life, Love and Loot is the perfect campaign for Captain Morgan to increase its brand image with sports fans.

The To Life, Love and Loot campaign highlights three different aspects of Captain Morgan’s personality: in Captain Morgan’s ‘Glass’ he’s a leader; in Captain Morgan’s ‘Ride Home’ he’s responsible; and in Captain Morgan’s ‘To Life, Love and Loot’ he’s cool, calm and collected under pressure.  These are all traits that we look for in our favorite athlete, and more importantly traits that we all like to think we personify.

Key Takeaways

To Life, Love and Loot is a campaign for the Captain Morgan brand that aims to reinforce to the viewer that they too can live like Captain Morgan.  Through demonstrations of valor, confidence and charisma, the Captain Morgan character speaks to the brand’s target audience.  The positioning of the campaign fits well on sports outlets.  This audience is looking for the same characteristics personified by Captain Morgan, in their favorite athletes.  To Life, Love and Loot resonates with sports fans and will greatly enhance the brand’s image.


Written by Peter Amador

August 16, 2011 at 11:49 PM

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