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How About Billions Can Grow Adrien Broner’s Star Power

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Adrien Broner About Billions

Adrien  Broner has been described as “profane, raunchy and occasionally even lewd”.  He is the heir apparent to Floyd Mayweather’s throne as the most talked about personality in boxing.  His two fights on Showtime this year have averaged 1.35MM viewers and his web series About Billions has more than 700K views on YouTube.  At the age of 24 he is as much a force in the sports industry as his punches (22 of his 27 victories have been by KO).  However, I believe Adrian Broner can better use his About Billions to develop into one of the most recognized personalities in sports.  Here are my two suggestions.

1. Use About Billions to Develop a Narrative for Adrien Broner’s Career –

HBO’s 24/7 helped build Floyd Mayweather into a global icon.  The series captivated people with the on-going drama that surrounded Floyd’s relationship with his father and uncle.  The first edition of the series featured the almost incomprehensible story line of Floyd’s father training Oscar De La Hoya for his fight against Floyd.  The drama surrounding the Mayweather’s captivated sports fans and helped drive interest in a fight that would establish the all-time PPV record.  The on-going drama between Floyd and his family members has continued to be a significant sub-plot for all his fights, and is part of the reason why he is recognizable to millions of Americans that are not able to name one other boxer.

Adrien Broner and Golden Boy Promotions should spend time together before the development of the next installment of About Billions to determine what is the story they want to tell sports fans.  Currently, all we see are the superficial acts of a young man reveling in acts of self-indulgence.  These acts are fine – as they are part of the Adrien Broner narrative – but by themselves will not make him an international star.  There needs to be further meaning as to why he behaves the way he does.  My suggestion would be to look for a compelling story line from his childhood that involves a struggle, fuels his relentless work ethic, dictates why he keeps such a large entourage, and defines the man we see today.

2.Own the Distribution Vehicle –

The series should be hosted on Golden Boy’s official web site.  This would allow Golden Boy to put its marketing muscle behind the series while providing the boxer and the promotions company with incremental revenue opportunities.  Adrien Broner could take a revenue share from sponsorships Golden Boy could secure for the series, or be paid to star in videos produced by Golden Boy with the promotion company carrying the ultimate financial reward/risk of the series.  The explicit nature of the videos will make sponsorship of the videos tough; however, with the right direction, the series would become one of the most marketable assets in the sport of boxing.

Adrien Broner has the ability to transcend the sport of boxing.  His talent and charisma are unmistakable and will drive interest in him throughout his career.  However, it is imperative that he develops a storyline to his personality.  The best entertainers have always built a narrative to their lives and drilled this into the consciousness of their fans.  About Billions is Broner’s opportunity to do the same.



Written by Peter Amador

August 20, 2013 at 11:32 PM

This Bud’s for You… & Your Crew: Budweiser “Band of Buds” Contest on

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How does a brand make guys night out into something more than your typical Friday night?  It pits your crew against every other crew of guys in America.   This is the concept behind Budweiser’s,  “Band of Buds” contest.

The What

Homepage takeover of on August 1st (the day after the trade deadline) which include the following assets:

  • Page Reskin
  • Fixed 300×250

The Why

I believe Budweiser’s decision to use its homepage takeover of to promote its “Band of Buds” contest – opposed to its 52 Weeks to Win Sweepstakes – ties into the belief that attending a baseball is a ritual act of manhood.  Whether it was the first time you watched Fred McGriff hit towering bombs into the right field stands of Qualcomm Stadium with your dad, or the time last year when you and five of your buddies from college watched the Padres beat the Dodgers (nothing is better) the night before you moved to New York. These are experiences which Budweiser needs to have its brand associated with in the minds of Males 18-34.

Budweiser’s “Band of Buds” contest is a national contest – with local components – which encourages participants to chronicle why their “Band of Buds” is worth an all-expense paid trip to Vegas, $100K and fame.  Contest participants are asked to detail their nights out with photo uploads from Facebook.  Every photo that is liked by a contest participant is automatically posted to their Facebook wall.  This helps to increase awareness for the contest with Budweiser’s target demographic (Facebook users that are influenced by the people in their contest).



Key Takeaways 

Budweiser used a homepage takeover on (the day after the trade deadline) to increase awareness for its “Band of Buds” contest.  I believe Budweiser’s decision to promote its contest on has to due with the perceived association of attending a baseball game and guys having a good time.  Budweiser’s association with good times is extended to contest participants network through Facebook Connect.

Budweiser has turned the quintessential guys night out, into a competition which enhances the brand’s image through rewards and engagement.  The contest successfully associates the brand’s image with nights out with your friends, and should help to increase sales with contestants.  I know I’ll be ordering a round of Buds the next time I head out to the bars with my friends, because its what we do.

Written by Peter Amador

August 2, 2011 at 1:05 AM

Captain Morgan: Major League Loot for You

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Jeter or Morgan… who’s your Captain?

Now I’m a big fan of Jeter, but I have to go with Morgan.  Why?  Because unless your name is Christian Lopez, Derek Jeter has never gave any of his fans the opportunity to win Major League Loot.

The What

Captain Morgan took-over the homepage of on July 25th.  Captain Morgan’s homepage takeover included the following assets:

  • Page Reskin
  • Pencil Unit
  • Fixed 300×250

The Pencil Unit and the 300×250 clicked through to Captain Morgan’s weekly feature on “Toasts of the Week” which gives fans the opportunity to “Enter Now to Live Like The Captain“.

“Toasts of the Week” is a feature which highlights individual performances that must be honored.  However, the feature is secondary to the sweepstakes, (evidence by the video player’s placement in the bottom half of the page) which asks the user to “Toast Your Club for a Chance to Win a VIP Baseball Experience”.

The Why

The action of having the user toast their favorite club accomplishes two important goals for Captain Morgan:

  1. It associates the brand with good times and great performances
  2. The users conceptualizes Captain Morgan with rewards (the beautiful blonde at the bar or tickets to watch your favorite team, it doesn’t matter, The Captain is always there for you)

Once the user interest chooses to enter the Major League Loot sweepstakes, the Captain engages the fan with a sleek and attractive sweepstakes page.

Captain Morgan uses its sweepstakes page to successfully integrate its league sponsorship with local partnerships.  The use of team’s marks enables the brand to drive its message directly to its targeted consumer, rather than abstractly through the use of a league’s mark. League marks provide scale but does not generate the visceral emotion of a team’s logo.

Furthermore, I appreciate that the Captain asks you to keep your toast to less than 50 words.  This prevents users from questioning whether they can craft a toast that poetic enough to warrant the Captain’s Loot, and decreases dropoff after entry.

Once a user has completed the sweepstakes entry, Captain Morgan thanks them for entering the Major League Loot contest and prompts them “To Join The Captain for a Toast on Facebook”.

The brand is able to extend the conversation with its target consumer by driving contest participants to it Facebook page, turning a one-off sweepstakes promotion to an effective CRM tool.

Key Takeaways

Captain Morgan used its homepage takeover on to increase awareness for its “Major League Loot” sweepstakes.  The creative on the homepage drove awareness for the sweepstakes, while the fixed units clicked through to the sweepstakes page.  The sweepstakes enhanced the brand’s association with great memories and rewards.  Furthermore, the brand drives its messaging home by using team marks to create a personal connection with its target consumer.

Here’s to toasting great brands and great friends, sports wouldn’t be the same without them.

Written by Peter Amador

July 26, 2011 at 1:16 AM

US Army’s “Path to the Show” through the Home Run Derby

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The US Army’s homepage takeover of on Home Run Derby Day was a pairing of two of America’s most iconic brands.  The US Army capitalized on the excitement around the event by increasing awareness for it original feature on “Path to the Show” and aligning its brand with an event that speaks to its target audience.

The What 

U.S. Army’s Homepage Takeover on included: a Page Reskin, one Pencil Unit and one Rectangle Unit.

The Pencil Unit clicked through to US Army’s video page on which features “Path to the Show“.

The Rectangle Unit clicked through to the U.S. Army’s “At The Ready” video feature on

The Why

The U.S. Army is associating its brand with the journey young men take to reach the pinnacle of their professional and personal lives.  “The Path to the Show” offers users the opportunity to hear first hand the challenges which top prospects face in the minors, their approach to overcoming obstacles and the rewards of achieving their lifelong ambition of becoming a MLB player.  The feature highlights how young men of a certain caliber can contribute to the success of an organization at the highest level.  These are all themes which are consistent with the US Army’s “At the Ready Campaign” which shows how young men and women thrive in challenging situations in service of their country.  Furthermore, the brand associates itself with an event where the top four finishers were named: Cano, Gonzalez, Ortiz and Fielder, helping the US Army to reinforce its commitment to providing opportunities to all Americans.

Key Takeaways

The US Army has partnered with to create a feature which appeals to its target audience.  The feature was showcased on one of’s tent-pole events; an event in which the stars of the day were easily identifiable with US Army’s target audience.  The US Army increased awareness for its original feature on and aligned its brand with an event in which its participants and its attributes of speed, power and strength, speak to the US Army’s target audience.

Written by Peter Amador

July 12, 2011 at 12:18 AM

Can VW sell more cars because of its MLS sponsorship?

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Volkswagen was recognized as the Official Automotive Sponsor (OAS) of Major League Soccer by 55.0% of the 202 Major League Soccer fans I surveyed in the past month.  To put that into perspective, GM is the OAS of MLB and the NFL.  GM’s 2009 recognition levels for those two properties were 31.4% and 30.0%, respectively (SportsBusiness Journal, Feb. 15-21, 2010).  Additionally, a SBJ and Turnkey Intelligence poll conducted the week prior to this year’s Super Bowl, revealed 30.7% of Avid NFL Fans could correctly identify GM as the leagues OAS (SportsBusiness Journal, Mar. 1-7, 2010).  If I were to use a similar guideline to distinguish Avid MLS Fans – fans stating that their MLS team is their 1st or 2nd favorite professional sports team, and have attended 10 or more MLS matches in their life – Volkswagen would have a fan-recognition level of 61.4% (70/114).  It would be difficult to postulate that a MLS sponsorship is more effective than a sponsorship with MLB, NFL or NBA; however, with the statistics from my survey, we can begin to examine the merits of a MLS sponsorship. 

Here is a brief description of how I recruited survey participants:

202 Major League Soccer (MLS) fans were surveyed from March 10 – April 15th, 2010.   Respondents were recruited via the Facebook Fan pages of the: Los Angeles Galaxy; Houston Dynamo; Major League Soccer; New York Red Bulls; Real Salt Lake; and Seattle Sounders FC.  A small percentage of the 202 respondents were recruited through LinkedIn and Twitter.

Survey participants were active and engaged MLS fans: 69.3% had visited their MLS team’s Web site within 24 hours of taking the survey, 81.2% stated that they will definitely attend a MLS match in 2010, and 56.9% attended 5 or more matches during the 2009 season.  Furthermore, the survey required respondents to take two deliberate actions to participate.  First they had to become a Fan of a MLS team on FB, and then they had to click a link posted on the team’s FB Fan Page.   These fans actions indicate they will be more responsive to a sponsor’s message, and more likely to change their purchase behavior because of a sponsorship.  If a brand can establish a presence within MLS, its brand equity will increase because of the league’s status with the consumer. 

VW, like every other MLS sponsor I studied, is leveraging its MLS sponsorship to increase its brand image with Hispanics.  A noble and wise ambition.  Hispanics/Latinos represented one-quarter (50/202) of survey respondents, and VW has an established presence in Latin America that has not translated into sales with Hispanic-Americans.  However, VW’s recognition numbers decreased with Hispanics to 48% (every sponsor experienced a decrease in recognition with Hispanics).  Not a large decrease – VW was the sponsor with the highest recognition rate amongst Hispanics – but one that can, and should be improved upon. 

Hispanics were 41.3% more likely to “regularly consume/purchase a product if that product/service is an Official Sponsor of MLS” than White/Caucasians respondents (Whites/Caucasians represented 65% of survey participants).  Granted, sponsorships are not as effective in changing consumer behavior for large purchases such as cars – due to the likely involvement of another party – but this is a significant result.  If your goal is to change consumer behavior, you should target those who are willing/eager to embrace your brand.  Furthermore, opportunities exist for brands to establish themselves with the next generation of Hispanic consumers.

76% of respondents identifying themselves as Hispanic/Latino had at least one parent born outside of the United States.  The other 24% of Hispanic/Latino respondents were born outside of the United States.  Their offspring will grow up rooting for a MLS team, opposed to a team in Mexico’s First Division or another foreign league.  The next generation of Hispanic MLS soccer fans should be arriving shortly.  92% of Hispanic/Latino fans are under the age of 37, with 42% between the ages of 19-25 (note: this could be attributable to the survey being conducted on FB, but only 26% of Caucasian respondents were between the ages of 19-25).  

VW might be selling a lot more Jettas in 2030… Heck, you might be seeing more Tigans, Routans and CCs at your kids AYSO games.  

**** I am only using the SBJ numbers as a reference point.  It would be irresponsible to make a correlation between their numbers and mine.  Their methodology and respondents are too different.

Written by Peter Amador

April 21, 2010 at 6:18 PM

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