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How About Billions Can Grow Adrien Broner’s Star Power

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Adrien Broner About Billions

Adrien  Broner has been described as “profane, raunchy and occasionally even lewd”.  He is the heir apparent to Floyd Mayweather’s throne as the most talked about personality in boxing.  His two fights on Showtime this year have averaged 1.35MM viewers and his web series About Billions has more than 700K views on YouTube.  At the age of 24 he is as much a force in the sports industry as his punches (22 of his 27 victories have been by KO).  However, I believe Adrian Broner can better use his About Billions to develop into one of the most recognized personalities in sports.  Here are my two suggestions.

1. Use About Billions to Develop a Narrative for Adrien Broner’s Career –

HBO’s 24/7 helped build Floyd Mayweather into a global icon.  The series captivated people with the on-going drama that surrounded Floyd’s relationship with his father and uncle.  The first edition of the series featured the almost incomprehensible story line of Floyd’s father training Oscar De La Hoya for his fight against Floyd.  The drama surrounding the Mayweather’s captivated sports fans and helped drive interest in a fight that would establish the all-time PPV record.  The on-going drama between Floyd and his family members has continued to be a significant sub-plot for all his fights, and is part of the reason why he is recognizable to millions of Americans that are not able to name one other boxer.

Adrien Broner and Golden Boy Promotions should spend time together before the development of the next installment of About Billions to determine what is the story they want to tell sports fans.  Currently, all we see are the superficial acts of a young man reveling in acts of self-indulgence.  These acts are fine – as they are part of the Adrien Broner narrative – but by themselves will not make him an international star.  There needs to be further meaning as to why he behaves the way he does.  My suggestion would be to look for a compelling story line from his childhood that involves a struggle, fuels his relentless work ethic, dictates why he keeps such a large entourage, and defines the man we see today.

2.Own the Distribution Vehicle –

The series should be hosted on Golden Boy’s official web site.  This would allow Golden Boy to put its marketing muscle behind the series while providing the boxer and the promotions company with incremental revenue opportunities.  Adrien Broner could take a revenue share from sponsorships Golden Boy could secure for the series, or be paid to star in videos produced by Golden Boy with the promotion company carrying the ultimate financial reward/risk of the series.  The explicit nature of the videos will make sponsorship of the videos tough; however, with the right direction, the series would become one of the most marketable assets in the sport of boxing.

Adrien Broner has the ability to transcend the sport of boxing.  His talent and charisma are unmistakable and will drive interest in him throughout his career.  However, it is imperative that he develops a storyline to his personality.  The best entertainers have always built a narrative to their lives and drilled this into the consciousness of their fans.  About Billions is Broner’s opportunity to do the same.



Written by Peter Amador

August 20, 2013 at 11:32 PM

2 Responses

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  1. Problem is he doesn’t have the talent… ever thought about that? Hype job.


    August 23, 2013 at 5:58 PM

    • Hype job or not, people care what he does. How many other boxers can generate his amount of views on YouTube?

      Peter Amador

      August 23, 2013 at 7:08 PM

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